How to Cheer Up Terminal Children

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Cheer up a terminally ill child by making him feel like a kid instead of a sick person.

Children facing terminal illnesses may not completely understand what is happening to them. Children generally do not understand death, nor illness. Terminally ill children may be stuck inside a hospital, hooked to machines, when they would rather be outside playing with their friends. Even though they are facing a life-threatening illness, terminally ill children are still kids and will enjoy things that other kids do. To cheer up a terminally ill child, try taking his mind off his pain, or outside the hospital.

Things You'll Need

  • Coloring book
  • DVD player
  • Handheld video game player
  • Book
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      Refer the child to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The non-profit works to grant wishes to children under the age of 18 who are facing a terminal illness. Wishes can vary from meeting a favorite celebrity to visiting an amusement park.

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      Bring the child a coloring book. Coloring can help a child express his creativity, while taking his mind off of his circumstances.

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      Buy the child a handheld video game system or DVD player. Sick children often cannot leave their hospital beds, and a device they can entertain themselves with and escape for an hour or two can help cheer them up.

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      Sit by their side and read the child a book. Getting read to can be calming, and a terminally ill child will likely just enjoy your presence and the soothing sound of your voice.

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