How to Preserve Food With Shellac


If you’ve created a craft incorporating food, such as a wreath covered in candy corn or a Valentine bowl covered in candy hearts, you’ll need a technique to preserve the food part so it doesn’t spoil over time. Using shellac, which can be found at any building supply or craft store, you can preserve the food to keep the craft intact. Shellac dries clear so that you can still perfectly see the food behind the shellac, but it will be protected against bugs, ants or deterioration.

Things You'll Need

  • Lint-free cloth
  • Clear shellac
  • Paint brush
  • Wax paper
  • Dust over the food items on the craft using a lint-free cloth. Any dust on the food will be preserved under the shellac and show up, so you want to make sure it is all clean before moving on.

  • Apply a thin, even coat of shellac over the food you’re preserving. Use a paint brush to apply, then lay the craft on a sheet of wax paper to dry 12 hours. Put the lid back on the can of shellac.

  • Rinse the paint brush between applications so it does not become hardened.

  • Apply a second coat of shellac to the craft and then lay it back on the sheet of wax paper to dry for another 12 hours. Rinse the paint brush out once more.


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