How to Spin a Pen Around Your Fingers


Spinning a pen around your fingers is a good way to impress your children or your colleagues at an office party. This skill may also be used as a relaxation technique to relieve stress. A pen may be spun around your fingers in a variety of ways since there are four fingers and a thumb with which to manipulate the pen. However, the basic principle is the same—find the pen's center of gravity and rotate the pen around the fingers. Once you master one spinning technique, the others are much easier.

  • Hold the pen in a vertical position and rest the the pen's center of gravity on your middle finger. The center of gravity is the point where the pen doesn't dip down on either side. Hold the pen with your thumb and index finger. The grip you will use is similar to the normal way you hold the pen when you write.

  • Push the pen upwards with the middle finger as you fold the middle finger in towards the palm. Straighten your index finger at the same time.

  • Rotate the pen around your thumb. The key is keep the thumb immobile. Catch the pen with the index finger as you complete the rotation.

  • Practice the trick several times every day for a week. At first, spinning the pen feels awkward but faithfully practicing the trick eventually makes it easier and more natural.


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