How to Keep Your Cat From Being Hyper at Night


Keep your cat from being hyper at night by keeping her active during the day. Vigorous play and a meal right before bedtime can help curb her nighttime activity.

Wear Her Out

Get your cat to spend some of her pent-up energy during the day to help ensure she sleeps at night and doesn’t disturb you with her playful behavior. Use a feather dancer or fishing pole toy to get her to dance and jump or hide kibble-filled balls around the house so she has to “hunt” for her food. Consider investing in a cat harness leash and taking her for a walk to help reduce tension.


  • Give your cat her last big meal of the day right before bedtime. She’ll get nice and full and be ready for a nap rather than raucous activity.


  • Don’t yell at or discipline your cat for her behavior. It won’t solve the problem and will only result in a lack of trust.

Get Her a Friend

Cats often do well in pairs. Getting your kitty a playmate may help her stay occupied. While your cats may still run and chase one another in the evening, they’ll at least be focused on one another and won’t keep you from a restful night’s sleep.

Close Your Door

If your kitty sees your feet moving under the covers while you’re asleep, she may consider it an invitation to pounce and play. Even if you love having your cat snuggle with you in bed, if she’s hyper and keeping you awake, shut your door. She may whine or cry at first, but don’t give in to her demands or the behavior will continue.


  • If your cat’s behavior is a sudden change or if howling and whining and crying is part of the hyper behavior, a trip to the vet may in order to rule out potential health problems.

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