How to Transfer Your Probation Out of Texas


Every state in the United States belongs to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS). The ICAOS establishes the guidelines under which a qualified individual on probation can transfer her probation from one state to another. In order to transfer probation out of Texas, the transfer must be approved by both the Texas ICAOS office and the ICAOS office in the receiving state. A denial by either office means the probation supervision will stay in Texas.

  • Comply with the terms of your Texas probation. Individuals who are not in compliance with the rules of their probation may be denied a probation transfer.

  • Prepare a plan for life in a new state. Those wishing to transfer their probation out of Texas must be able to prove that they have a way to support themselves in their destination state or have family there who can help to support them after the relocation. Talk to family members about staying with them and, if possible, try and secure a job offer.

  • Discuss your desire to transfer as well as your post-relocation plans with your probation officer. Your probation officer has the power to determine whether or not your relocation plan is likely to succeed. If he determines that it is not, he can deny your application rather than send it to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS).

  • Applications must include large amounts of information, including your photograph, a description of the offense, probation conditions and a determination of whether or not you must be registered as a sex offender. The state you are transferring to may request additional information after receiving your transfer application.

  • Pay any fees associated with your transfer request. As of May 2011, Texas does not charge any fees for a probation transfer request but the state you wish to transfer to might.

  • Wait for the receiving and sending states to determine your eligibility for transfer. Upon receiving your transfer request, the state you wish to relocate into must make a determination on your case within 45 days. There are, however, no rules on how long Texas may keep your application before sending it to your receiving state.

  • Notify your Texas probation officer of your travel plans. It is imperative that both Texas and the state you are relocating to know when you plan to relocate.

  • Comply with all of the reporting instructions provided to you by your new state. These instructions will be provided to you upon the acceptance of your transfer.


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