How to Convert Tenths to Seconds


You never know when you need to make a quick conversion; measuring something such as duration often requires a conversion from one unit -- such as tenths of a second -- to another -- such as seconds. Oftentimes, an online calculator can do the work for you in a few seconds, but if one is not available, you can do the number crunching yourself and come up with an answer in no time.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Obtain a measurement. First, get a measurement in tenths of a second. It doesn't matter how long or short -- it can be 1/10 or 100/10; it's all a matter of rearranging the fraction to get a whole number or a whole number followed by decimals.

    For example, say your measurement is 5/10 of a second.

  • Take your measurement and, using a calculator or a piece of paper, divide the numerator by the denominator to give you a new number. In the example, 5/10 becomes 0.5.

  • Record your answer. The number you end up with is the amount of time in seconds. In the example, 5/10 of a second is half a second, or 0.5 seconds.

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