How to Play the Life Monsters Inc. Game


If you want to try to beat your friends at the game of life, try The Game of Life in Monstropolis, also known as Monster's Life. It's a way to learn about the experiences of life in a game context. Players choose a career, pay rent, adopt a pet and have surprise expenses. In order to win, a player must have the highest net worth at the end of the game.

  • Place your car on the "start career" space to start your career or "start college" space to start college. Spin the spinner and move the car the appropriate number of spaces.

  • Adopt a pet. Land on the "adopt a pet" space and pick a pet to travel with you through life's journey. Pay the bank an adoption fee. Spin the spinner and move your car.

  • Land on the "pick a home" space and pick a home from the "pick a home" card deck. Pay the bank the first month's rent. Spin the spinner and move your car.

  • Perform a good deed or community service like walking an elderly person across the street when you land on an orange "life" space. Draw a life card from the deck and collect life tiles from the bank. Life tiles will help your score at the end of the game.

  • Draw a card from the top of the red raffle deck if you land on a "raffle" space. You can purchase a raffle ticket from the bank. Spin the spinner and if it lands on a number matching a number on the raffle ticket, you get to keep the ticket. It will help your score at the end of the game.

  • Land on a purple space, for a second turn, spin the spinner and move again. Land on a green space and collect the salary indicated on your career choice card from the bank. Land on a yellow space and choose a new career. Land on a blue "expense" space and pay the bank the amount indicated on the card. Land on a teal space and pay the bank the rent amount indicated on the "pick a home" card.

  • Obtain the highest net worth to win the game. Cash in your "pick a home card," raffle card and tiles. Relax at the Gargoyle Island Beach resort while the other players try to catch up to you.


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