How to Summon the Goblin Kings in "MapleStory"


In "Maplestory," the King Goblins are bosses located in Haunted House area of Korean Folk Town. The goblins are summoned by different items you receive from the villagers of the Korean Folk Town. You must be at least Level 60 to begin the quest, but the King Goblins are Level 70 mobs.

Preparing to Eliminate Goblins

  • Speak to Chumji in the Korean Folk Town. He gives you the "Preparing to Eliminate Goblins" quest. Speak to Chil Sung to receive the Roasted Pork, Chil Nam for the Buckwheat Paste and Kong Ji for the Rice Wine. Return to Chumji after receiving the three items.

Eliminate Goblins

  • Speak to Chumji to receive the the "Eliminate Goblins" quest. Travel to the Haunted House through the Black Mountain portal. Place the Roasted Pork in front of the stack of rocks, the Rice Wine in front of the stone lantern and the Buckwheat Paste in the tree hole. Fight the King Goblins once they spawn, then pick up the loot they drop after you defeat them.

Return to Chumji

  • Return to Chumji to complete the quest. You will receive 20,300 experience points as well as the Goblin Cap, Goblin Cape and Goblin Bat for your trouble.

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