How to Get Heirlooms in "World of Warcraft"


Heirlooms in version 6.0.3 of "World of Warcraft" are account-bound gear designed for one purpose: to accelerate the process of leveling. Featuring scaling stats and experience bonuses, getting a set of heirlooms is a necessity for any player trying to quickly level up their characters. Getting heirlooms involves a significant of effort, as most require special currencies or guild achievements to earn.

Types of Heirlooms

  • Heirloom gear comes in a few forms, primarily as weapons and armor. There are seven named armor sets in total, as well as 11 weapons, four cloaks, three off-hand items, two trinkets and one ring. The variety of pieces ensures that almost every specialization of every class has something useful. The only exception is Holy Paladins, as there is no heirloom plate gear with Intellect as its primary statistic.

Where to Get Heirlooms

  • Heirloom Player Vs. Environment (PvE) gear comprises the majority of heirlooms and comes from a number of sources. PvE heirloom shoulders, chests, weapons and trinkets all come from heirloom vendors at the Darkmoon Faire and Argent Tournament for each faction's respective currency: Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets and Champion Seals respectively. A full set costs 640 to 700 tickets or 365 to 390 seals. You can purchase PvE heirloom helmets, capes and pants from guild vendors; these items require gold, honored reputation with your guild and the "Working Better as a Team" guild achievement. The heirloom ring is a prize for winning first or second place in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.

Heirloom Benefits

  • As you level, an heirloom piece's stats will grow with you; for example, the Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver has 2 Strength, 3 Stamina and 2 Parry at level 1, but scales up to 12 Strength, 17 Stamina and 12 Parry by level 80. With exception to the weapons and trinkets, heirloom gear also grants you a bonus to experience gained, speeding up the process of leveling. You can also share heirloom equipment between characters across factions and servers on the same account, meaning that one set of heirloom gear can effectively be of benefit to any and all of your characters who can use it.

PvP Heirlooms

  • There are a handful of specialized heirlooms for Player vs. Player (PvP): shoulders, weapons and trinkets. The shoulders grant a bonus to experience gained while wearing them, as well as a bonus to PvP Resilience, a statistic that increased your odds of surviving against another player. Weapons and trinkets also grant PvP Resilience, with the trinket also removing all movement impairing effects and effects that cause you to lose control of your character when used. You can purchase PvP heirlooms from vendors in Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Wintergrasp with Honor points; a full set costs 8,400 to 9,250 points.

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