How to Become a Jager Promotion Girl


Jagermeister is a German alcoholic drink that was invented back in 1935. With 56 herbs in the formula, the beverage has a very unique flavor. Jagermeister hires promotional models to go to events and promote their brand by interacting with customers. To be a Jager promo girl you should be outgoing, embody a warm personality and enjoy working large parties and events where you will interface with other people. Many promo models are hired locally just before promo events.

  • Create a modeling portfolio. Find a professional photographer to take modeling shots of you for a portfolio. While the portfolio can encompass a wide variety of looks from smiling to serious, think about what an advertising agency might be looking for when hiring a promo girl for Jager. Take some shots that show you having fun, smiling, showing off your warm personality. Potentially even take some shots in a German outfit, since the brand is German. For example, Oktoberfest might be a time of year when Jager sponsors parties. Those events might have the women dress in traditional German attire.

  • Get a modeling agent. You don't have to be in New York or Los Angeles to get an agent. Many beer and liquor promo events are handled on a local level. This way Jagermeister does not have to foot the bill to put a model under contract and pay for her transportation to and from events. Contact local modeling agencies and ask if you can send them your portfolio. This can be done by dropping it off at the agency, mailing it to them, or even emailing them the photos. If they respond, they will set-up a meeting and potentially sign you.

  • Tell your modeling agent that you are interested in promotional work. You can also add that you are specifically interested in being a Jagermeister promotional girl for upcoming events. This will give your agent a heads-up as to what to watch out for when jobs from the agencies arise.

  • Look for local events in your area sponsored by Jagermeister. Even if you have an agent, keeping your ear to the ground for upcoming Jagermeister events might give you a jump on the competition who don't know about the job yet. Check bars, restaurants, and local sporting events to see if they have advertising an event sponsored by Jagermeister. You can then inquire with the facility holding the event, or your agent if they will be hiring promo girls.

  • Find local advertising agencies in your area. The local advertising agencies will contact agents to book Jager promo girls for the event. Contact the advertising agencies themselves to determine if they are representing Jagermeister in the area, and if so, if they are holding any upcoming events. They may direct you to the person in charge of the campaign, or ask that you have your agent submit your materials along with other models for when the casting process occurs.

  • Go to the audition or meeting. At the audition or meeting make sure you are prepared with some general facts about the brand. After all, you will be helping to sell it or give it away to people at the event. For example, one interesting fact is that Jagermeister means "huntsman." Another interesting fact is that the text around the deer on the label is an old hunstmen's prayer. Also, be interactive, open, engaging and interested in any directions they are giving you.

  • Book the job and go to the event. While at the event, be outgoing, friendly and polite to the people at the event. Sell or give away the product in the manner which the clients want you to operate. For example, a Jagermeister promo girl might be directed to act a bit more carefree at a Superbowl party, then while at a sponsored golf event.

Tips & Warnings

  • After you do the job, send a thank-you note to the advertising agency that hired you for the job.


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