How to Put the Batteries in a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition


The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a high-powered scientific calculator with a vast range of calculating and graphing functions. It was introduced in 2005 and remains available as of May 2011. It is used by students to solve problems in basic to advanced mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics classes in high school as well as in college. This model draws its power from a set of four AAA batteries, and it also requires a silver oxide button cell battery to preserve the memory while you replace the main batteries.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 alkaline, lithium or fully charged rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Silver oxide SR44SW or 303 button cell battery
  • Jeweler's screwdriver

Changing the AAA Power Cells

  • Make sure you actually need to change the batteries. Check the calculator screen for a message that reads either "Your Batteries are Low - Recommend Change of Batteries" or "Batteries are Low - Change is Required." Manually reset the calculator or its memory as per the instructions provided in Appendix C of the user guide if you are having difficulty with your calculator, and you are sure your batteries are fresh.

  • Turn your TI-84 off by pressing the "2nd" key at the top left of the unit and the "On" key at the bottom left. (The On key is marked in blue with the word "off" above the key, indicating that the function of this key when pressed after the "2nd" key is that of an "off" button.)

  • Slide the keyboard cover over the keyboard to make sure you do not turn the calculator on during the battery-changing process.

  • Remove the battery cover by holding the calculator upright, pushing down on the battery cover latch and pulling the cover down toward you.

  • Remove the used batteries from the battery compartment gently by pressing down on the positive (protruding) terminal so that each battery pops out of its spring (negative) battery compartment terminal.

  • Install four fresh AAA batteries of the same type (alkaline, lithium or fully charged rechargeable) according to the polarity indicated on the battery compartment. Insert each battery so that the negative (-) terminals match and then pop them into place.

  • Replace the battery compartment cover. Remove the keyboard cover, turn the unit on by pressing the "On" button, and adjust the graphic display contrast as necessary with the "2nd" key and the up or down arrows at the top right of the calculator. Use the calculator as usual unless you need to replace the silver oxide battery as well.

Replacing the Silver Oxide Battery

  • Follow Steps 2 to 4 in the first section to turn the calculator off and access the battery compartment.

  • Open the silver oxide battery compartment, which is above the AAA cell compartment, by unscrewing the compartment screw with your jeweler's screwdriver. Remove the cover and the screw.

  • Install a fresh silver oxide SR44SW or 303 button cell battery so that the positive (flat top) terminal points toward the top (screen) of the calculator.

  • Replace the compartment cover and fasten the screw. Remove the keyboard cover, turn the calculator on and begin using your calculator as you normally would; because this battery is a memory backup battery there is no need to change any settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • The silver oxide battery needs to be replaced only once every three or four years.
  • Do not remove the alkaline and silver oxide batteries at the same time. If you want to change all batteries at once, begin with the AAA cells, finish the procedure, test the calculator and then replace the silver oxide cell.

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