How to Eliminate Micro Bubbles in an Aquarium

Bubbles in your aquarium obscure the view of your can and can be harmful to some species.
Bubbles in your aquarium obscure the view of your can and can be harmful to some species. (Image: Jochen Sands/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Bubbles in your aquarium can come from a number of sources. Bubbles are particularly common in new tanks or tanks with new equipment. The problem with the bubbles is that they stick to the sides of the aquarium and distort your view of the fish. Removing bubbles from your aquarium requires you look over your equipment, evaluate your feeding methods and maintain your filters.There are solutions for chronic bubbles, but first you need to find the source of the problem.

Change the water in the tank. Dirty water creates surface tension. Use a clean water source to replace the water in the tank. While you are changing the water, clean the filter. A dirty filter simply feeds impurities back into the system

Feed your fish the proper amount. Fish can only eat a finite amount of food in a given period of time. Only feed them an amount they can eat quickly. Food particles in the tank on a regular basis means overfeeding. Overfeeding your fish clouds the water and the filter. Clouding leads to water impurity. Water impurity equals surface tension which results in bubbles clinging to the sides of your tank.

Check the protein skimmer. If you have a salt water tank with a dirty protein skimmer, the sludge in the tank may be the source of your bubbles. Additionally, a new protein skimmer must be broken in. If you have a new skimmer and you have eliminated other possibilities, allow the skimmer to cure for a few weeks. Curing simply means allow the skimmer to run for a few weeks. If the bubble problem is because of a new skimmer, all you can do is let it age for a while.

Check plumbing. Lines that deliver air to your tank that have holes in them may be the source of your bubbles. It is easiest to check these lines while you are cleaning the tank. Simply hold your hand over the plumbing outlet valve and see if bubbles accumulate along the line.

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