How Do I Know My Boyfriend Will Eventually Want to Get Married?


There is a time in many relationships that you realize that your boyfriend is the person you want to marry. It is both exciting and scary because you do not know for sure he feels the same way. Even if says that he sees you long-term in his future, there is no way to know whether or not he will eventually want to get married. To know whether or not your boyfriend will eventually want to get married, pay attention to his actions.

  • Find out whether or not he brags about you to his buddies. Eavesdrop while he is talking to his friends. If he has a friend or two that you trust not to tell him, ask them if he talks about you regularly. If your boyfriend will eventually want to get married, he will bring you around his friends and talk to them about you.

  • Listen to whether your boyfriend says that he is interested in marriage and family. If he does so on his own accord, it is an even better sign. If your boyfriend includes you in his conversations about his future career plans, moves, ideal family size and family life, he may eventually want to get married

  • Pay attention to whether or not he is upgrading his furniture. If your boyfriend eventually wants to get married, he likely knows that you will not be a fan of sports posters and his ratty couch. If he replaces those things, he is making room for you in his life and his future.

  • Accompany him to family holidays and events. When a boyfriend lets you get acquainted with his family, such as inviting you to family parties, he is considering you marriage material. If he plans outings around bringing you to spend time with his family, he is testing the waters.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be open with your boyfriend about your desire to get married.


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