How to Keep From Locking Your Knees

Locking of the knee or the inability to straighten it all the way is a symptom that sometimes accompanies knee pain. A locked knee occurs when your knee is too painful to allow for a full range of motion. In most situations, self-care is enough to treat and stop symptoms such as locked knees. However, prevention is also important and beneficial to stop knee problems before they get worse.


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      Maintain a healthy weight. Extra pounds on your frame puts a strain on knees that can lead to injury.

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      Be aware of the way you exercise. Be mindful when you are lifting weights that your knees are not locked. Switch to swimming or low-impact activities that do not strain the knee as much as running or weight lifting. Stretch before exercising.

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      Work on strengthening the muscles around your knees, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings. These muscles will support your knee and will limit your reliance on it.

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      Wear a knee brace to help give support to the knee joint. The brace will keep your knee from locking when you walk or bend down to pick something up.

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      Be conscious when lifting something heavy that you don't lock your knees. Ask for help if you think something will be too heavy for you to lift on your own.

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