How to Break Raid Ant Bait


Raid ant bait uses a toxic called abamectin. Raid derives this toxin from particular soil bacteria and it affects the nervous system of insects, spiders and mites. Within a few hours, the insect experiences paralysis and dies. The Raid ant bait places this toxin in pellets that are small enough for the ants to carry back to the nest. The ant bait comes inside a small plastic dome to protect small animals and children from the bait. Small holes around the dome allow the ants access to the bait. Each package includes four or eight plastic domes attached together in sheets of four.

Things You'll Need

  • Raid ant bait package
  • Remove one or both sheets of four bait traps from the package. Depending on the size and type of ant bait, Raid offers four or eight baits per package. Each sheet has four bait traps arranged in a square and surrounded by a frame. The bait traps are connected to the frame and to each other with small plastic tabs.

  • Wiggle the bait traps. Move the traps forward and backward in the center until the tabs holding the traps to each other, snap.

  • Move the traps forward and backward to weaken the tabs holding the bait trap to the plastic frame. Pull the trap from the frame.

  • Repeat for the other three traps in the sheet.

  • Place the bait on a horizontal surface under cabinets or on top of counters. Keep the bait traps away from pets and small children.

Tips & Warnings

  • Raid recommends placing at least four ant bait traps to halt ant infestations. For severe problems, use eight.
  • Do not break open the dome containing the bait.
  • Abamectin is toxic and can be absorbed through the skin. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the traps.


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