How to Get the Ragnarok in Disc 4 of "Final Fantasy VIII"


"Final Fantasy VIII" is a role-playing game developed for the Sony PlayStation. Like the other "Final Fantasy" games, players must control a team of adventurers as they save their world, this time from an evil goddess known as Ultimacia. Disc 4 of the game begins outside of Ultimecia's castle. If you wish to get back to your flying ship, Ragnarok, while on this disc, you must perform some in-game tasks, as you are separated from the ship by an ocean.

  • Go through the middle portal of three portals outside of Ultimecia's castle. This portal should take you to the Serengetti Plains, north of the Centra Ruins.

  • Walk northwest and travel to the Chocobo Forest. Get a chocobo from this forest and ride it to the beach on the southern edge of the landmass.

  • Ride from the beach, across the ocean, to the landmass South of your location, and you will find yourself at Edea's house.

  • Travel east along the mountains from Edea's house. Search for a small pass through the mountains and travel through the pass once you find it. This pass will take you to the Kashkabald Desert, where Ragnarok is located.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is a portal next to Ragnarok that will not only take you back to Ultimecia's castle but that also opens up a portal at the castle that takes you back to the Kashkabald Desert.

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