How to Date a Girl With a Strict Father


Most fathers are protective of their daughters. Every father was once a young man and knows the thoughts that run through the mind of a young adult male. Dating a girl with a strict father can throw up many roadblocks for you and your girlfriend's relationship. If her father does not approve of you, your relationship with her could end abruptly. If you respect him, his rules and show pure intentions with his daughter, her strict father probably will let you continue to date his daughter.

  • Introduce yourself to her parents. Be well-groomed, don't wear clothing with inappropriate images and wording.

  • Shake her strict father's hand when you introduce yourself and look him in the eye. Be confident but not cocky. Be courteous, polite and well mannered. Say "Yes, sir" and "No, sir."

  • Talk to her father about his interest and hobbies. If you get a chance, ask the girl about her father before meeting him. This will allow you to find a common interest, which you can discuss with him. Show genuine interest in what her father is saying.

  • Respect her father's rules and beliefs even if you do not agree with them. Refrain from discussing "hot button" topics such as religion or politics.

  • Ask her father what time he wants her home. With strict fathers, this is a very big deal. Tell him what your plans are for the evening, including where you will be taking her and how he can get in contact with her if needed. Keep the dates in public locations and --- for the first few dates --- consider organizing group dates with other couples or mutual friends.

  • Bring the girl home before her curfew. This will show her father that you take his rules and concerns seriously. Refrain from merely dropping her off when you bring her home. Instead, walk her to her front door.

  • Treat the girl in a respectful manner at all times, including in front of her father. Avoid displays of affection in front of her father. Furthermore, treat her mother and other family members with respect.


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