How to Catch Relicanth and Wailord in "Pokemon Ruby"


In "Pokemon Ruby," once you have the Surf ability, you can explore the Hoenn region's various water routes, which are home to many species of Water-type Pokemon. For example, Relicanth, an ancient Water- and Rock-type Pokemon, hides beneath the surface of Routes 124 and 126. Wailord, a Water-type Pokemon resembling a whale, appears on Route 129. To unlock the legendary golem Pokemon that appear later in the game, you'll need to add both Wailord and Relicanth to your team.

Things You'll Need

  • HM03 Surf
  • HM08 Dive
  • Net Balls
  • Dive Balls


  • Go to Lilycove City in eastern Hoenn. Visit the harbor, which lines the eastern edge of the city.

  • Use Surf to reach Route 124. Alternatively, you can travel south from Route 124 to reach Route 126.

  • Use Dive wherever you see a dark spot of water, which denotes the presence of an underwater area.

  • Swim through seaweed until you encounter a Relicanth. This Pokemon is rare, so don't expect to find one immediately.

  • Use attacks to lower Relicanth's health bar. Once its health is low, capture it with a PokeBall. Net Balls, which work best on Water-type Pokemon, will be helpful; you can buy them at the Mossdeep City Poke Mart. Also try Dive Balls, which are designed for underwater encounters.


  • Go to Mossdeep City, an island community in eastern Hoenn.

  • Surf south through Routes 127 and 128 until you reach Route 129.

  • Explore the waters until you encounter Wailord.

  • Attack Wailord to lower its health. Use a Net Ball to subdue the hefty Pokemon.

  • Alternatively, since Wailord is extremely rare, you can use a Good Rod or Super Rod to fish for a Wailmer on Route 127, 128 or 129.

  • Capture the Wailmer with a Net Ball.

  • Raise Wailmer to level 40 by using it in battles; it will then evolve into a Wailord.

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit the Sealed Chamber, an underwater cavern on Route 134. Read the inscribed mound at the back of the chamber while Relicanth is in the first position of your team and Wailord is in the last position. Hidden chambers will open around the Hoenn region. Inside, you can find Regirock, Regice and Registeel, a trio of legendary Pokemon.

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