How to Graph Two Lines in Excel 2007


Excel 2007 comes with a number of different chart types that you can use to visualize your numerical data. When you go to create a chart with two lines, you can use either a "Line" graph or a "Scatter" graph, depending on what kind of data you have. If you have two columns worth of data, and want to graph two lines showing the values of each column, you should use a Line Graph. If you have two sets of two columns, and want to plot each set as a single line, you should use a Scatter Graph.

Line Graph

  • Open the Excel file that contains the data you need to graph. To make two lines using a line graph, you will need two columns of numerical data. If you want the data to have labels, you should include a header in the cell at the top of each column.

  • Select the data that you want to include in the Line Graph. If your desired information is the only data in the two columns, you can simply click and hold the button on the letter above the first column, then move the mouse to the second column and release the button. If your data is not the only information in the column, click and hold on the top-left cell, then drag the mouse pointer to the bottom-right cell, and release it.

  • Select the "Insert" tab at the top of the Excel 2007 window. Click the "Line" button in the "Charts" area and choose either the "Line" or "Line with Markers" option. Your two line graph will appear on the screen.

  • Right-click in the open space of the chart if you need to add custom labels to the x-axis. Choose "Select Data" from the list of options. Press the "Edit" button in the "Horizontal Axis Labels" area. Select the labels from your spreadsheet, which will normally be located on a column just to the left of the data columns, and click "OK". Click "OK" again and the labels will update.

Scatter Graph

  • Open the Excel file that hold your information. When using a scatter graph to make two lines, you will need to have data arranged in two sets of two columns. Select the first two columns that you want to use.

  • Select the "Insert" button at the top of the window. Click the "Scatter" button under the "Charts" area. You will see five options. Choose any option other than "Scatter with Only Markers" to create a graph that will include lines. You will see a graph appear on the spreadsheet that has one line.

  • Right-click on the graph and choose "Select Data". Click the "Add" button under "Legend Entries". A small "Edit Series" window will appear.

  • Type in a name for the series under "Series Name". This can be whatever you want. Click the box next to "Series X Values" and choose the data from the first column of the second set. Once you have selected the data, click the box again to return to the "Edit Series" box. Click the box next to the "Series Y Values" and select the data from the final column. Click the box again, then click "OK". The graph will now show two lines on it.

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