How to Position a Tagline in a Logo


Building your own business can be extremely lucrative, especially if you know how to market your services. A successful, eye-catching logo with a tagline is one part of the puzzle. A logo is a visual summary of what your company is about. However, sometimes a logo may not convey products and services that you offer; this is where adding a tagline could benefit you. A tagline is a memorable, short phrase that gives the consumer an idea of what your company is about. Knowing where to position a tagline is important for a successful logo design.

Choose a tagline that is short and summarizes what your company does. Successful examples include Maxwell Houses’ “Good to the Last Drop” and Nike’s “Just do it.” A tagline that is too long will be difficult to position and will take away from the logo. Your tagline should range between three and 10 words.

Determine if the tagline will be incorporated in the logo or will act as a separate entity. If your logo is more abstract, the text from a tagline will strengthen the effect of the logo graphic. Taglines within a logo must be short, typically three words or less to account for scaling of the logo. If the tagline is too long, when the logo is scaled down it will be difficult to read. If your logo includes your business name, adding a separate tagline is best to avoid making your logo too wordy. Separate taglines can be longer, up to 10 words.

Position the tagline next to, below or completely removed from your logo, depending on your logo design. If your logo is text-only and on one line, positioning the tagline next to, and smaller than, the logo may be the most effective. For longer one- or two-line logos, or logos that are graphics-only, position the tagline underneath. The tagline can either stretch from one end of the logo to the other, or it can be centered, left- or right-aligned. The tagline can be completely removed from your logo as well; this gives you the flexibility to place the tagline virtually anywhere on your website, stationary or advertisements.

Tips & Warnings

  • Balance is essential when choosing and positioning a tagline in a logo. If your tagline is overpowering your logo, scale it down or reduce the word count. The tagline should never overshadow the actual logo.
  • For taglines that are a part of the logo, balance is also key. A great way to test your in-logo tagline is by scaling the logo down to about the size you would put on a letterhead. If the text is readable after being reduced, your tagline is effective. If you are struggling to read the words, either remove the tagline or lower the word count.
  • Keep in mind that not all logos will be effective with a tagline. Ask around after creating your logo and present the finished logo to friends, family and coworkers.

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