How to Type a Fraction on Google


Google is not only a search engine, it's also an online calculator. Since fractions can become tricky to calculate, it's often easier to insert them in Google and just press "Enter" to find an answer instantly. But, if you don't type the fraction correctly in Google, your answer either won't appear, or you'll get the wrong answer. As long as you make correct use of the backwards slash and parentheses, you should have no problem with typing fractions into the Google search engine.

  • Type the numerator (top number) in the Google "Search" text box. Insert a "/" after the numerator, with no space between the two characters. Place the denominator (bottom number) immediately after the "/," again with no spaces between the two characters. Do not include quotations. Press "Enter" to see what the fraction equals as a decimal.

  • Type the whole number, followed by a space and then the fraction, if you're entering a mixed number. For example, if you want to enter 1 and 1/2, you would type "1 1/2."

  • Insert a "+" to add fractions, a "-" to subtract, a "*" to multiply and a "/" to divide. Place parentheses around each fraction that you're dividing. You do not need to place parentheses around fractions that you're adding, subtracting or multiplying. For example, if you wish to divide 2/3 by 6/8, you must place a parentheses around both sets of fractions.

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