How to Treat Skin Necrosis Pain


Skin necrosis is the death of skin cells, which is caused by disease, infection or a surgical procedure such as plastic surgery. This condition is typically localized in one area of the skin that does not receive enough oxygen or blood. There are both surgical and non-surgical methods of reducing the effects of skin necrosis.

  • Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any areas on your body that might be skin necrosis. In its early stages, skin will turn a purple color, then eventually black. If you notice skin discoloration, contact your doctor who might be able to provide you with pain medication to temporarily relieve the pain you are feeling.

  • Talk with your doctor about using antibiotics or topical creams to treat the necrosis and prevent it from worsening. If the necrosis is in its beginning stages, these treatments might be enough to heal the area.

  • Elevate the area if possible to improve the blood blow to the area. Since necrosis is caused by lack of blood reaching the area, it is important to improve the circulation. Try propping up the area on a stack of pillows to keep it elevated.

  • Avoid applying pressure to the affected area, which can cause the condition to worsen and become more painful. If there are stiches in place (usually in the event of a surgical procedure), you might have to consult a doctor to have the stitches removed in order to reduce some of the pressure and increase circulation.

  • Discuss with a surgeon the possibility of a process known as debridement. This is a surgical procedure that is used on the most severe cases of skin necrosis. During this procedure the affected skin is removed with a scalpel.

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