How to Make a Golbat Evolve in "SoulSilver"


In "Pokémon SouSilver," you can find Golbat in many of the game's caves. This bat Pokémon is the evolved form of Zubat -- a common Pokémon found on Route 32, near the start of the game. Once it reaches Level 22, Golbat makes one more evolution into its final form, Crobat. With each evolution, the Pokémon's battle stats increase; Crobat has very high speed and attack strength compared to Zubat and Golbat. While Zubat automatically evolves into Golbat when it reaches Level 22, a Golbat will only evolve further if it shares a strong friendship with you, its trainer.

  • Keep Golbat in your traveling party after it evolves from Zubat or after you catch it in one of the caves.

  • Press the "X" button and then select the "Pokémon" command to view the six Pokémon in your traveling party.

  • Highlight Golbat and select the "Switch" command to place Golbat in the first position of your Pokémon team. From now on, Golbat will always fight first in battles. Every battle that doesn't result in Golbat fainting will increase its friendship with you.

  • Travel to the National Park, which is north of Goldenrod City. Collect the Poké Ball on the ground in the northeast corner of the National Park to find a Soothe Bell.

  • Press the "X" button, select the "Pokémon" command and highlight Golbat. Select the "Item" command to give Golbat the Soothe Bell to hold. This item increases a Pokémon's friendship with its trainer.

  • Feed Golbat any stat-enhancing items you pick up during your journey, such as Protein, Carbos, Calcium or Zinc. A Pokémon grows more fond of a trainer that boosts its fighting ability.

  • Enter the Goldenrod Tunnel that runs under the Pokémon Center in Goldenrod City, and then visit the salon kiosk. Let the stylist give Golbat a makeover to boost its friendship with you.

  • Visit the girl in the house that is to the north of the Goldenrod Department Store. Press "A" to talk to her; she will tell you how well your Golbat likes you.

  • Check back with the girl in Goldenrod City every couple of days to see how your friendship with Golbat is growing. When it's strong enough, Golbat will automatically evolve into Crobat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Capturing Zubat or Golbat in a Luxury Ball instead of a regular Poké Ball will give a boost to your friendship with it right from the start of your relationship.
  • Transfer Golbat to the Pokéwalker pedometer device that comes with "Pokémon SoulSilver," and then walk around with the device clipped to your clothing. Spending time in the Pokéwalker increases Golbat's friendship with you.
  • Both Golbat and Crobat are immune to Ground-type moves, which makes them a valuable asset when you battle Ground-type Pokémon.
  • Golbat and Crobat both have the innate ability called "Inner Focus," which prevents them from flinching in battle.
  • Do not let Golbat faint in battle, or else its friendship with you will decrease.
  • Do not put Golbat away in the computer, or else your friendship with it will suffer. You must have Golbat in your party all the time to keep strengthening your friendship with it.
  • Do not feed Golbat herbal remedies such as Energy Root. Pokémon find them bitter, and feeding them to Golbat will weaken your friendship with it.
  • Golbat and Crobat are Poison/Flying-type Pokémon. This makes them vulnerable to Electric, Ice, Psychic and Rock-type moves in battle.

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