How to Recognize Jealousy in Other Females


Girl-on-girl jealously is rampant, especially among females who let their insecurities get the better of them. Some of your most jealous foes could even be your friends or close family members. On the other hand, the Queen of Envy may be a complete stranger who knows very little about the dynamics that make you fabulous. To spot out your adversary, look for the girl who seems to always have something negative to say.

  • Notice that you're questioned about how you accomplish or obtain something. From your job, car or outfit, she seems to watch your every move and questions your judgment. Not only is she paying close attention to you, she also talks about you behind your back, asking how and why you are in the spotlight. She often accompanies her inquisitiveness with dirty looks and snickering.

  • Consider how no matter how great your life seems to be, she has nothing good to say about your accomplishments. Recognize that she is spreading rumors about you. Nothing she has to say about you is true, and she has completely fabricated an entire storyline to others about you.

  • Tag along with one of your so-called friends and see how she will do everything in her power to steer you away from looking your best, even when you obviously feel confident. Question her judgment for telling you that the dress you're trying on makes you look fat, or your hair and makeup don't flatter you. Note that jealously brings the worst out of others, and her quest to make you feel ugly only makes her look ugly.

  • Notice how remarks about your relationship are not supportive. They are snobbish. Never mind that your guy showers you with love and affection and is a god in everyone else's eyes, she's takes fiery pokes at your man as if he was yesterday's breakfast. Keep her away from your personal life and out of your business by keeping a distance from her and her jealous ways.

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