How to Break a Separation Spell


A rival lover may attempt to break up a marriage by casting a separation spell. The original separation spell can be cast in many different ways and may be difficult to counter-spell. The Moon Magik Spell to Stop a Divorce is a counter-spell that battles and defeats original separation spells. The counter-spell must be cast at a certain time of the month to be completely effective. If someone has cast a spell against your marriage, you can take control of the situation and cast a counter-spell.

Things You'll Need

  • Red candle
  • Parchment paper
  • Bowl
  • 13 table spoons of water
  • 3 drops of oil
  • Fire safe container or bowl
  • Wait for a waning moon.

  • Clean a red candle with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

  • Consecrate the red candle. Carve a heart onto the side of the candle to promote romance in your marriage.

  • Lay parchment paper in front of you.

  • Put 13 tablespoons of water into a bowl. Pour 3 drops of olive oil into the water.

  • Light the candle and hold it in your right hand. Open your mind and spirit. Communicate your wishes to the moon and universe.

  • Drop 13 drops of wax onto the parchment paper. Dip your hands in the water and flick the water onto the parchment paper 7 times.

  • Extinguish the candle by blowing on it and burn the parchment paper. Burn the ashes of the parchment paper.

  • Save the candle until the next full moon and keep it lit until it is no longer useable. This completes the counter-separation spell.


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