How to Install a TroyBilt Zero Turn Mower Belt


The rear engine Troy-Bilt Zero Turn tractor is a versatile, compact riding mower capable of maneuvering into tight corners and over rough terrain. Because you sit on the front of the machine, you are afforded an unobstructed view of the area on all sides. Although mower deck management is somewhat complicated, you can replace a worn or broken Zero Turn mower belt in under an hour.

Drive the tractor onto a level surface, such as a driveway or the paved area in front of your garage. Disengage the power take-off (PTO) and stop the engine. Set the parking brake to the “park” position.

Follow the directions in the operator’s manual and move the adjustable deck gauge wheels to their highest setting to lower the mowing deck.

Reach under the tractor and pivot the idler bracket containing the idler pulley toward the rear. Lift the V-belt off the idler pulley.

Raise the deck to its highest position with the deck lift handle; this allows the belt to line up with the deck idler pulleys and the PTO pulley in the most horizontal position.

Move to the back of the tractor and sit flat on the ground facing forward. Reach under the tractor with one hand and grasp the V-belt in front of the PTO pulley. Pull the left side of the belt toward the back of the tractor.

Exert downward pressure on the belt while turning the PTO pulley to the right with your other hand. Keep turning the PTO pulley until the belt rides over the lower sheave of the idler pulley completely. Lower the deck all the way with the deck lift handle.

Locate the deck support pins on either side of the mower deck. Grasp the U-shaped handle on the right-hand support pin. Pull the pin out and twist the handle to lock the pin in the disengaged position. Repeat with the left-hand support pin to release the deck from the tractor’s deck lift arms.

Raise the deck lift arms to their highest position and slide the deck forward. Lift the front hanger rod out of the two slots in the front deck bracket. Slide the deck toward the back of the tractor. Pivot the hanger rod to the fully forward position and secure it with a length of cord tied to a convenient part of the tractor. Slide the deck out from under the tractor toward the right.

Invert the mower deck and lift the old V-belt off the various deck spindle pulleys. Thread the new V-belt over the pulleys as directed in the owner’s manual. Turn the deck over and slide it back under the tractor.

Maneuver the deck to line up the hanger rod with the two slots in the front deck bracket. Slide the deck forward to engage the hanger rod in the slots.

Lower the deck lift arms, with the deck lift handle, into the slots on the rear deck hanger brackets. Maneuver the deck to line up the holes in the lift arms with the deck support pins. Pull the pins out from the disengage position, twist the handles and insert the pins all the way back into the lift arms.

Check to see that the V-belt is still positioned inside the deck spindle pulleys. Consult the owner’s manual and route the V-belt toward the rear under the tractor chassis and slide it above the two transmission tubes.

Raise the deck up to its highest point to line up the V-belt in the horizontal position. Route the V-belt over the fixed idler pulley as directed in the owner’s manual. Pivot the idler pulley away from the tensioning spring and slide the V-belt over the pulley so that the back of the belt is against the face of the pulley.

Reach under the tractor while sitting at the back of the machine. Pull the right side of the V-belt toward you and slot the belt into the groove of the PTO pulley. Hold the belt against the pulley with your right hand and feed the slack into the pulley with your left hand. Rotate the pulley counterclockwise with your right hand until the V-belt has rolled into the groove and is seated with the outer face of the belt flush against the top of the PTO pulley.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear heavy workman's gloves while changing the mower belt.

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