How to Use Sigma on a TI-89


Sigma, the symbol Σ, is used to denote a summation in math. A summation adds a set of numbers together. The sigma is used on a TI-89 when calculating a summation. A TI-89 is a calculator developed by TI, or Texas Instruments. A summation is written with the upper index above the sigma symbol and the lower index written below the sigma symbol. The expression is written after the sigma symbol.

  • Press "F3" and then press "4" on the TI-89. You will see "Σ(" on the screen.

  • Enter in the expression you want to sum after "Σ(" then type ",". For example, enter "Σ(k^2,".

  • Specify the index of the summation. In the example, this would be "k", so this would be "Σ(k^2,k".

  • Enter the lower index and upper index separated by a "," in that order. At the end, press the ")" key and then press the "ENTER" key. In the example, this would be "Σ(k^2,k,1,20)" where 1 is the lower index and 20 is the upper index. This will give the sum of k^2 from 1 to 20 which is 2870.


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