How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend to Want You Back


So you two finally broke up. The on-again, off-again relationship ended and a few weeks have gone by since he's even crossed your mind. Or so you thought. Now that the anger has subsided and you've thought things over, you want him back. It doesn't help that you've realized since being back on the market, that the pickings are slim. If you're sure you want to reopen the can of worms known as your relationship with your ex, there are a few things you'll need to do to catch his eye.

  • Figure out if it's worth it. Before you backtrack and cross the bridge again, decide if going through the motions of trying to get him back is what you really want to do. Consider whose fault it was that you broke up in the first place, and whether that even matters. If you're going to approach him again, you want to be confident you even stand a chance. Be willing to apologize if you were the hothead that ended things.

  • Hit the gym. You want to look and feel your best when you're dealing with your ex, and the first step is hopping on the stepping machine. Burning a few calories will not only help you look amazing in that killer dress you'll need to get, but you will feel unstoppable with the energy you acquire from your blood pumping and sweat dripping.

  • Buy that killer dress. As shallow as it may sound, you want to look as much like a knockout as you can. Make yourself look irresistible so he'll feel that getting back together is a good idea. Buy something that makes you feel ultra-confident and showcases your best attributes.

  • Grovel. Go ahead and pick up the phone. You're the one who wants him back. Although he should be begging you to come back, he's got his own dignity. Just because you're the girl doesn't mean he has to do all the work. Be willing to apologize where necessary, and get to the point of why you want to see him again.

  • Ask him out. You're going to have to do a little bit of the work getting him back, no matter how much of a beauty you are. Offer to do something casual like going for a cup of coffee, out to lunch or to a friend's party. Don't jump too far ahead of yourself and put pressure on him. Take it slow and offer something stressless for him to do.


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