How to Permanently Exterminate Mice


Mice can cause problems in buildings that have electrical and phone wiring. Mice deposit their waste products everywhere and can contaminate an entire building. Exterminating a mouse population permanently is done buy removing all of the adult mice, and letting the baby mice expire due to lack a of parental care or through poisoning. Mouse traps and poisons are sold at local hardware stores and are an essential tool in mouse extermination.

Things You'll Need

  • Mouse trap
  • Sonic control device
  • Rat poison
  • Poison the mice. Leave poison in areas where mice have left droppings or chewed through walls. Do not place poisons where children or pets have access to them.

  • Bait and distribute mouse traps. Distribute the mouse traps in key areas where mouse droppings have been found or where holes are present in the walls due to the chewing of mice. Do not place mouse traps within the reach of children or pets.

  • Place a sonic control device in the house or building. A sonic control device emits a frequency that is annoying to mice and will deter them from entering the space.

  • Hire a professional exterminator, if you do not feel comfortable with exterminating mice on your own, or if you want them to find the remains of mice. After poisoning the mice, the mice may expire within walls and crawl spaces and cause unfavorable odors. An exterminator will find and remove the remains for a fee.


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