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The fourth-generation iPhone, or iPhone 4, is a smartphone that was released by Apple in June of 2010. This device uses a touch-sensitive screen, which means that the majority of the commands involve tapping or swiping the display with one or two fingers. Like previous models, the iPhone 4 also uses an application-based interface. Applications (or apps) are discrete programs that perform a single, specialized task. These apps comprise all the features of the iPhone, from taking photos to surfing the Internet.

  • Download the latest version of iTunes if you do not already have it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer's USB port using the docking cable that came with it. Follow the prompts on screen. Disconnect your iPhone when its screen no longer indicates that it is syncing.

  • Press the rectangular button on the top of the iPhone. This turns the phone on. When you click this button again, the iPhone goes to sleep and if you hold it down, a bar appears on the screen that you can swipe to turn the phone completely off.

  • Press one finger to the button in the "Slide to Unlock" bar that appears at the bottom of the screen and then drag your finger across the bar in the direction the arrow is pointing. This brings you to the iPhone's home screen.

  • Tap any icon to open an app and explore its features. If you have more apps than fit on one page, swipe your finger across the screen to go to the next page. Press on an app for a few seconds to enter editing mode, which allows you to delete apps that you have downloaded. It also lets you move apps by pressing and dragging them. To exit the editing mode, press the "Home" button, which is the round button with a square in the middle at the bottom of the screen.

  • Use the volume toggle on the side of the phone to adjust the volume of text tones and your ring tone. Use the switch above to turn your phone on silent. When you see the orange dot, that means the phone is on silent.

  • Tap "Notes" to familiarize yourself with typing. Tap "Add a New Note." A virtual keyboard appears in the lower-half of the screen. Tap the letters to enter them as you would with a physical keyboard. Tap the "123" button to switch to numbers and symbols. Tap the globe button to switch languages. Tap the up arrow to capitalize letters.

  • Tap "Camera" to take a picture. Center your shot in the screen and then press the center button. Tap the viewing button in the lower-left corner. To zoom in and out, press two fingers to the image and then pull them apart or closer together. Press the button with the arrow coming out of the box to text, email, print or set the image as a wallpaper.

  • Tap "Settings" to turn on Wi-Fi or Hotspot, change your ring tone or wallpaper, set up your email account and adjust your preferences for each app.

  • Tap "App Store" to download additional apps from iTunes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult the iPhone User Guide -- available in iBooks -- to learn even more.

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