How to Use the Law of Attraction for Marriage


The law of attraction is the idea that our thoughts and desires project themselves into the universe, which in turn responds by manifesting these desires into reality. By consciously directing our intentions we are able to bring anything to fruition, including a fulfilling marriage. Specificity in desire is the cornerstone of making your desires reality. The more focus you expend on having a happy, healthy marriage the more easily they will manifest in your life.

  • Develop very clear ideas of what your ideal spouse and marriage look like. Picture your spouse in your head as if they were real. Imagine their laugh, smile, values and mannerisms.

  • Dedicate time each day to imagining yourself in the perfect marriage. Focus your thoughts on what it feels like, and really immerse yourself in the fantasy. Make the feelings as real as possible and indulge in those feelings constantly.

  • Follow the tenets of "ask, believe, receive." Ask the universe to bring you the perfect spouse, and be as specific as possible. Believe in the power of the law of attraction to bring your perfect spouse into your life. Remain open to receiving a perfect marriage in your life; set aside free time for dating and leisure activities that may provide a venue for you to meet your future husband or wife.

  • Expect. As you continue with expectation for your perfect mate, act as if you are receiving what you requested. Don't complain. Make adjustments in your wardrobe and style for dating. Be healthy. Act as though you are the person already in the happy marriage.


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