How to Find Coal on "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" is a computer game in which you must create a home for yourself during the day and avoid deadly creatures during the night. One resource of great importance found early in the game is coal. Coal is used to fuel your furnace for smelting and to craft torches for providing light at night. The location of coal is random in each world, but it is an abundant resource, making it easy to find.

  • Scroll through your inventory until a pickaxe is highlighted. Whether the pickaxe is made of wood, cobblestone, iron, gold or diamond -- it does not matter, any pickaxe will mine coal.

  • Left-click a block to dig into it. Dig until you are level with some grey stone.

  • Dig around the sides, gradually expanding the surrounding area. Eventually, you will come across coal, a grey block with black flakes on it. Because the resource is abundant in the world, you will likely not spend much time searching for it.

  • Dig the coal ore to receive one lump of coal for it.

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