How to Stop Dogs From Rolling in Manure


Dogs roll in grass, feces and manure with great enthusiasm, despite our best efforts to keep them from rolling. There are many motivating factors which cause a dog to roll in smelly things, including a primal urge to smell like the wild. Dogs sometimes roll simply because it feels good. Regardless of the reason, a dog will be tempted to roll in manure if given the opportunity to do so simply out of instinct. The key is to reduce a dog's opportunity to get near manure to keep the dog from rolling in it.

Things You'll Need

  • Leash
  • Water bottle
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking outdoors. If walking your dog in the neighborhood, keep a firm grasp on your dog's leash so your dog does not have an opportunity to walk on or roll in manure.

  • Say "No," firmly to your dog if approaching manure. Grasp the leash tightly, and give it a sharp tug as you say "No," firmly and repeatedly.

  • Spray your dog with water from the water bottle if your dog approaches manure. A short, direct squirt of water in the dog's face will startle him but not harm him, and will cause him to pay attention to your commands. Repeat the "No" command.

  • Avoid walking in areas that have manure on the lawn. Select another route for your walk if you know there will be manure in your path to avoid the temptation.

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