How to Make a Mad Face From Emoticons


Emoticons are facial expressions written with characters found on a keyboard and are usually employed to demonstrate or emphasize the writer's mood. The range of emoticons varies from country to country, but a common expression is the "mad face," also known as "angry" or "cross." There are several common variations for this emoticon, all of which are quick and easy to produce.

  • Decide which version of the emoticon you wish to use. The expression of "mad" is, to some degree, arbitrary, so personal style and preference will dictate which of the several options you choose.

  • Enter a colon, followed by a hyphen, without a space between the two. Each of the most common variations of the "mad" emoticon use these two first characters.

    For example: ":-"

  • Enter the appropriate character or characters, depending on which style you've chosen.

    For "mad/angry," enter an "at" sign. For example: ":-@".

    For "very mad/angry," enter two parentheses. For example: ":-{{".

    For "cross," enter a lower-case "t." For example: ":-t".


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