How to Write a Proposal for Salary Increases

As with many proposals in the business world, your request for a higher salary may carry a lot more weight if you submit it in writing. A salary increase proposal letter is your opportunity to lay out a straightforward and rational reason about why you should earn more. Approaching your boss with a well-reasoned request for a higher pay rate not only makes you look more professional, it increases the chance your request will be considered.


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      Address your boss on his terms. If your boss prefers direct, bullet-point memos, format your proposal accordingly. Similarly, if he avoids confrontation, don’t be accusatory or too direct. Keep your proposal in your boss’ comfort zone to ensure it’s well-received.

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      Focus on the details, while keeping your introductory paragraph brief and assertive. Summarize your time with the company, your expertise in the field, and how your skills and experience have improved since your last salary increase.

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      Highlight additional responsibilities or duties you have assumed since your last salary increase, particularly if coworkers don’t handle similar functions. Use these examples as a way to prove your additional value to the company.

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      List your accomplishments succinctly. They should focus on areas where you excelled or went beyond your job description to help your company. Don't dwell on times when you met minimum expectations.

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      Compare your salary to others in the field. If you discover that your competitors pay higher salaries or that coworkers who perform similar functions receive higher wages, use those salary discrepancies as another justification for a raise. Don't be confrontational about salary discrepancies, however. Simply point out the differences.

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      Leave the door open for negotiations. If possible, don’t mention a salary figure up front in your salary increase proposal. Instead, use the letter to start a dialogue and begin salary negotiations later.

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