How to Get a Bunch of Dragon Types in "Pokemon HeartGold"


In "Pokemon HeartGold," Dragon-type Pokemon are powerful but rare creatures. They are weak to Ice and other Dragon-type attacks. However, these Pokemon have a resistance to Fire, Water, Grass and Electric-type attacks, which are common throughout the game. In addition, Dragon-type Pokemon possess powerful attacks, such as Outrage and Dragon Rush. Boost the abilities of your Pokemon team by adding a Dragon-type into the mix.

Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite

  • Travel to the Dragon's Den, a cave in the north section of Blackthorn City.

  • Navigate to the shrine on the far end of the cave. Several elders will be waiting there for you.

  • Pass their quiz to receive Dratini, a Dragon-type Pokemon.

  • Use Dratini in battle until it reaches level 30. It will evolve into Dragonair, a stronger Dragon-type.

  • Use Dragonair in battle until it reaches level 55. It evolves into Dragonite, a Flying and Dragon-type.

Vibrava and Flygon

Bagon, Shelgon and Salamence

  • In the Safari Zone, place 9 forest objects and 19 peak objects in the swamp.

  • Wait 110 days. Bagon, a Dragon-type, will appear around the area.

  • Capture a Bagon in a Safari Ball.

  • Train it to level 30 through battling. It will evolve into Shelgon, another Dragon-type.

  • Train Shelgon to level 50, where it will evolve into Salamence, a Dragon and Flying-type.

Gible, Gabite and Garchomp

  • In the Safari Zone, place 13 plains objects and 17 peak objects on the beach.

  • Wait 100 days to lure out Gible, a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon.

  • Capture it with a Safari Ball.

  • Use Gible in battle until it reaches level 24. It will evolve into Gabite, a stronger Dragon and Ground-type.

  • Use Gabite in battle until it reaches level 48. It will evolve into Garchomp, its final form that retains the same type combination.


  • Listen to Professor Oak's radio talk show daily.

  • Wait for him to announce the appearance of a Swablu swarm on Route 45.

  • Travel to Route 45 and find a Swablu.

  • Weaken and capture Swablu, the Normal and Flying-type Pokemon.

  • Train Swablu to level 35. It will evolve into Altaria, a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon.


  • Travel to the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City.

  • Talk to Steven Stone, who appears once you have collected the Clefairy Doll from one of the members of the club. Steven will explain that Latias has appeared in the region.

  • Walk around the Kanto region until you encounter Latias, the Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon.

  • Weaken it in battle and capture it.


  • Obtain the Engima Stone through Nintendo's Wi-Fi Event.

  • Take the stone to the Pewter City Museum.

  • Latios, another Dragon and Psychic-type, will appear in the center of the city.

  • Weaken it in battle and capture it.


  • Travel to Professor Oak's laboratory and show him a Kyogre and a Groudon, two legendary Pokemon. He will give you the Jade Orb.

  • Take the orb to the Embedded Tower on Route 47. This will summon Rayquaza, a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon.

  • Weaken Rayquaza in battle and capture it in a PokeBall.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have Arceus, a legendary Pokemon from a Nintendo event, take it to the Sinjoh Ruins, which you can access through the Ruins of Alph. Once there, Arceus will give you the option of creating Dialga, a Steel and Dragon-type, Palkia, a Water and Dragon-type, or Giratina, a Ghost and Dragon-type.

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