How to Combine Split ISO RARs

RAR files are just like computer ZIP files. The RAR file or files contain other files inside of them. This is why they are called archive files. Inside the uncombined RAR files is another file. This can be any type of file, including an ISO file. When recombined, the RAR files extract the internal file, the ISO file, as a single usable file. Once extracted, the ISO can be burned to a blank disc and used in a disc drive.

Things You'll Need

  • RAR extracting tool
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      Download and install one of the RAR extracting tools such as WinRAR 7-zip or IZArc. (See References.) There are many other RAR utilities out there, but most of them work in the same way. When the RAR utility is installed, an option from the context menu will be added. This makes the process simple and quick.

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      Locate the split RAR archive that the ISO is located in. You will see that each extension either ends in RAR or RXX with "XX" being a number.

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      Right-click the file with the RAR extension and click "Extract here" from the context menu. You may be asked to verify this decision. Click "OK" to continue.

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      Wait as the RAR files are combined and the ISO file that is located inside of the group of RAR files is extracted as a single file.

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