How to Get Flash for "Pokemon: LeafGreen"


In the Kanto region in the Game Boy Advance game "Pokemon: LeafGreen Version," you'll need to find a few special moves if you want to explore every hidden area. These special moves, called hidden machines, help you do things like cross bodies of water and climb walls. One important move is HM 05, Flash. Flash allows you to see inside of dark caves and tunnels. The move has an additional purpose in battle, where it's possible to use it to temporarily blind an enemy and lower its accuracy. Before you can use Flash, you need to find the move.

  • Capture at least 10 wild Pokemon by throwing Poke Balls at them in battle. If you're having trouble catching Pokemon, reduce their HP as much as possible before throwing a Poke Ball. Inflicting status damage, like freezing, sleep or paralysis, also helps.

  • Go to Vermillion City and walk east. The path becomes Route 11. Continue walking until you reach Diglett Cave. Enter the cave.

  • Walk through the tunnel and go through the exit to reach Route 2. Walk south and enter the first building you see.

  • Speak to the man inside. This is an aide of the Pokemon Professor. He checks to see how many Pokemon you've captured. If you have more than 10, you are given HM 05, Flash.

  • Teach Flash to any Pokemon you desire to use it in the field and in battle. Many Pokemon are able to learn Flash, especially electric-type Pokemon.

Tips & Warnings

  • To use Flash in the field, pause the game. Select the Pokemon that knows the move. Scroll down and select "Flash" and "Yes." You're only able to use the move in dark places.

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