How to Tame a Finch


Birds can make great pets, and finches are no exception. Finches are small birds that are easy to care for and are entertaining to watch, but to really interact with your finch you must begin the process of taming it. To successfully tame your finch, let it get used to your presence nearby and talk to it softly. Over time you may reach the point where your finch will come to you and perch on your finger.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird treats
  • Bird food
  • Stick
  • Visit your bird's cage a few times a day and just talk to it. Let the finch become comfortable with your voice, so it will recognize you as safe. Use a voice that is calm and soft. Don't scare the finch by making any sudden noises or movements.

  • Stand or sit beside the cage to let the finch get used to your presence for several minutes each day. It can help if you keep the bird's cage in a central location of your home.

  • Put your hand slowly into the bird cage with a treat in your fingers once the finch seems at ease with your presence. Wait until the finch takes it from your fingers, then try again with a treat in the palm of your hand. This will make the finch have to perch on your fingers or hand to get the treat.

  • Feed the finch bird food from your hand every day, so it can continue to get used to you and see your presence as a positive thing. When the finch starts to associate your hand with getting food or a treat, it will be more likely to come to you.

  • Train the finch to perch on your finger by first putting a stick into the cage. Once the finch willingly perches on the stick, you can try doing the same thing with your finger. Be patient, and the finch should begin getting on your finger without being afraid. Don't make any sudden movements, or the finch will be scared away from your hand.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you get a bird when it is young, it will likely be easier to teach than an older bird.
  • Clean your finch's cage often to prevent illness.
  • If you notice that your bird's appearance or disposition changes suddenly, take it to the vet to diagnose any potential problems.

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