How to Blow a Viking Horn


Blowing a Viking horn is a simple process of using the instrument's natural shape to create a unique booming buzz sound. Viking horns are made from a single piece of cow horn and do not often require reeds or other mouthpieces unless the natural mouthpiece is extremely thin. Producing sound through a Viking horn is similar to blowing air through a trumpet.

  • Grip the Viking horn around the center of the instrument with your dominant hand to ensure stability.

  • Purse your lips tightly against the edges of the natural mouthpiece. If you find the Viking horn's natural mouthpiece too thin, it may help to attach a brass mouthpiece which can be purchased from a local brass instrument store. Look for a trumpet or French horn mouthpiece and have it molded to fit the contour of your horn.

  • Blow strongly and consistently into the mouthpiece while pursing your lips. Your lip's vibrations create a buzzing sound in the mouthpiece that booms throughout the instrument.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mouthpieces can permanently attach to the horn with glue, although molded mouthpieces should fit securely inside the natural opening without glue. Prices begin around $40.


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