How to Learn Hindi Grammar


Hindi is an Indo-European language spoken in India. In 1958, the Indian government released a complete standardization of basic Hindi grammar after four years of development. There are numerous ways to learn Hindi grammar in the United States: classes, books, websites and local Indian communities.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Hindi grammar books
  • Native speakers
  • Access to a local community college, public school or university
  • Find a local class in the Hindi language. If you are starting from scratch and have no knowledge of the language, then the easiest way to learn Hindi grammar will be from a teacher who speaks the language.

  • Check the course offerings at your local community college or at any college or university in your area. If you cannot find a school that teaches basic Hindi, then try your local public schools for adult or continuing education classes.

  • Try using Hindi grammar books if you cannot find or afford a local language class. You can find these books on the Internet or through your local library. If your library branch does not have Hindi books, then you can ask a library to borrow some through an inter-library loan.

  • Use the Internet to learn Hindi grammar. There are multiple Hindi grammar sites such as, and Some websites, such as, offer online tutors who are native Hindi speakers.

  • Compare the lyrics to songs in Hindi with their English translations. You can use a website called Bollywood Lyrics, which lists the original Hindi lyrics to Bollywood songs with English translations of each songs. If you have a basic knowledge of Hindi grammar, you can enhance your comprehension by inferring grammatical concepts from songs.

  • Ask someone in the local Indian community if there are any tutors willing to teach you Hindi grammar. If you are a college student, check the bulletin boards in your language department's office, since tutors often post ads there.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you try comparing song lyrics from Bollywood movies, it will also help to be listening to those songs at the same time; this way, you will hear the correct pronunciation of the Hindi words while you are trying to absorb grammar.
  • Learning a language on your own from a book or a website can be very difficult. Unless you are exceedingly good at languages, this will be very difficult. If you are interested in conversational Hindi, you should try to rely more on classes and local tutors than self-directed learning.


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