How to Calculate Business Numerology


Numerology is the study of numbers, their meanings, mixtures and parts they play in one's life. Business numerology consists of picking the appropriate name for the business, the best date to begin a business or when to sign a deal. Numbers rule every aspect and motion on this planet and beyond because each number and letter transport frequency waves. Misfortune, big or small, can occur if these numbers are not in sync. Numerology is similar to a weather forecast that lets you know what conditions are for the future.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Choose an important event to mark the beginning date. This could be the financing date, starting date of a business account or the date you made the decision to start a business. Establish this date and use it as your base date. This date will decide your business cycle.

  • Ensure that the business cycle is consistent or harmonious with your personal cycle when starting a new business. Calculate your personal year and business year by adding the digits of the month of birth plus the day of birth plus the total of the digits of the current year. Add until the answer is a single digit. Example: Born: 05/01/2011 5+1+(2011)=10=1

  • Determine what the number means. Visit a numerology web site such as to determine what the resulting number means and if it is a good match for the business.


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