How to Convert Radians to Deg Using a TI-89


The TI-89 calculator by Texas Instruments is designed for advanced math, physics and engineering applications and is the most powerful calculator in the TI line. Unlike other models of TI calculators, the TI-89 contains a computer algebra system that accepts algebraic symbols and can solve equations in terms of variables. While most students are expected to know how to convert radians to degrees without the aid of a calculator, the TI-89 can help a student when checking her work.

  • Confirm that your TI-89 is in radian mode by checking the status line at the bottom of the home screen. If it is in radian mode, you will see "Rad" listed there. If "Rad" is not displayed, change the mode by pressing the "Mode" button and choosing "Radian" from the menu.

  • Type in the radian value that you wish to convert to degrees. Open the Math menu by pressing "2nd" and then "Mode." Press "9" to select the conversion symbol DD.

  • Press "Enter" once you're back to the home screen. This will display the precise angle in degrees. For a decimal approximation, press the green diamond button before pressing "Enter."

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