How to Measure the Concentration of Propylene Glycol


Propylene glycol is an organic, carbon-containing compound. Separated by a single carbon from ethylene glycol (the active ingredient in automobile antifreeze), propylene glycol has a diverse list of uses. You can find the compound in moisturizers, flavoring agents, solvents and antifreeze used for foods. Assessing the concentration of propylene glycol is no different than doing so for any compound.

  • Find the percent concentration of a propylene glycol solution by first finding the amount of the compound in solution. The solution is what the solute (in this case, propylene glycol) is mixed with. For this exercise, 7 milliliters (mL) of propylene glycol is mixed in 100 mL of solution.

  • Divide the solute amount, 7 mL by the solution volume (100 mL). The equation would be 7 mL/100mL.

  • Solve the problem. 7/100 = .7. Then multiply the .7 x 100 to get the percent concentration, which is 7 percent. So the percent concentration in this particular solution is 7 percent.

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