How to Get My Child into a Private School in "The Sims 3"


By default, children born in The Sims 3 attend a public school that doesn't teach more than the required basics. With the Generations expansion pack, Sim parents have the option of paying a fee for private boarding school instead; depending on the school your little one goes to, he will improve in a variety of related skills.

Enrolling in a Boarding School

  • There are two ways to contact a boarding school: using the mobile phone or a computer. Selecting either of these devices lets you click Enroll for one of five different boarding schools: Fort Starch Military School, Smuggsworth Prep School, LeFromage Art School, Dribbledine Sports Academy or School of Peace and Love. The school your child attends influences the skills he'll learn while away.

    The one-time tuition fee ranges between $800 and $1600, with Smuggsworth being the priciest of the bunch. Your child will leave for several in-game weeks, visiting home occasionally and potentially aging to adulthood depending on your lifespan settings.

The Benefits of That Hefty Tuition Fee

  • In public school, your Sims won't learn anything special besides what they need to graduate. In fact, it's usually up to your Sim to decide whether or not to write extra credit and ensure he graduates with high honors.

    By paying for boarding school, your Sim will leave the lot for several weeks, meaning you can't control him at all. Relationship bars decay while he's at boarding school, but it's nothing a quick chat on the phone won't fix. Each time he returns for a visit home, his skills will have improved substantially; however, there is no way to guarantee a specific skill will improve at boarding school.

Skills Improved at Boarding School

  • Fort Starch's 800-Simoleon course focuses on militaristic traits, potentially preparing a Sim child for a career as an astronaut. Here, he may improve skills like Logic, Martial Arts and Athletic.

    Peace and Love's 800-Simoleon course improves Gardening, Nectar Making and Guitar skills; graduates can also make a peace sign as a social interaction.

    Dribbledine's 1200-Simoleon course improves skills like Handiness, Cooking and Fishing, none of which actually have anything to do with sports. Athleticism can improve as well.

    LeFromage's 1200-Simoleon course turns children into refined artists, raising the Piano, Charisma and Photography skills.

    Smuggsworth's 1600-Simoleon course improves Logic, Writing, Painting and similar artistic skills.

Complementing Education with the University Expansion Pack

  • As long as you're thinking ahead with education, don't let adulthood stop your Sim from continuing his journey of self-improvement. With the University expansion pack, your Sim can pursue degrees that not only offer opportunities to boost existing skills but also offer additional monetary benefits when he starts his career.

    For example, a graduate from Smuggsworth Prep School who has gained several levels in the Writing skill might elect to pursue a Communications degree to get even better at the ability -- and he'll get paid more if he gets a job in Politics, Journalism or as a Fortune Teller.

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