How to Obtain Dual Citizenship in the US and Australia


There are numerous benefits to dual citizenship, as long as you are a citizen of the right countries. Both the U.S. and Australia permit dual citizenship. From Australia, you will receive socialized health care, subsidized higher education and an array of working holiday visas around the world. As a U.S. citizen, you will have the protection of the U.S. Department of State. Naturalize as an Australian citizen to obtain dual U.S.-Australian citizenship.

  • Visit Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship web site and research their menu of visas (See Resources). You must enter Australia legally to begin your journey to citizenship. First, check your eligibility for permanent residency and, if that doesn't work, look at other visas, including a working holiday visa, student visa and skilled worker visa.

  • Apply for the visa that fits your initial needs. You may apply for a visa online. Provide your passport number and answer all questions truthfully.

  • Gather supporting documents, if requested. In most cases, the visa will be approved within a day, but sometimes the Australian government will need to be provided certified and scanned documents. The documents may include criminal and health records.

  • Notarize the required documents. Scan the documents and send them electronically to the appropriate authority in Australia via e-mail.

  • Receive approval for your visa through e-mail. Print your visa and enter Australia within the appropriate time frame. Most visas will require you to enter the country within three months of issuance.

  • Set up legal residence in Australia for four years. Renew your visa or apply for a new visa before your current visa expires. Renewal may be conditional on working certain jobs or living in certain areas of the country.

  • Apply for permanent residency. Applying for permanent residency may require you to move to a certain area and work certain jobs two years prior to application. You must live as a permanent resident in Australia for at least one of the four years of residency before applying for citizenship.

  • Apply for naturalization when you have lived in Australia for at least one year as a permanent resident. Visit Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship's web site and find form 1300t, Application for Australian citizenship. Print the application.

  • Fill out the application fully. Mail the application to the nearest office of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, or file it online.

  • Receive notice your application has been received. You will be notified, either electronically or through the mail, of an appointment with an immigration official.

  • Attend the appointment and bring the required documents. These documents include your foreign passport, proof of your port of entry, as well as foreign and domestic criminal record clearances. A checklist of documents can be found on your application.

  • Get the approval of the immigration officer. The officer will review your documents and should conditionally approve your application. You will now be able to take a citizenship test.

  • Make an appointment for a citizenship test. Pass the test. Notification you passed the past could take three months to arrive.

  • Make arrangements to attend a citizenship ceremony at the immigration office. Attend the ceremony and take an oath to Australia. Receive your citizenship certificate to become a dual citizen.


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