How to Tie a Cinch Knot


The cinch knot is commonly used for connecting a monofilament fishing line to a hook, swivel, sinker or lure. It is one of the most basic knots that beginning fishermen learn to tie. The knot in a monofilament fishing line tends to be the weakest point because the thin line cuts in to itself. Most fishing knots for monofilament line are designed to minimize this problem. The cinch knot is also called the clinch knot or fisherman's knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Insert the end of the line into the eye of the hook, swivel, sinker or lure, and bring it back parallel with itself. Pinch both lines between your thumb and forefinger about 1/4 inch from the eye. The line that goes into the eye is the standing line and the end that comes out is the tag end.

  • Wrap the tag end of the line around the standing line five times. If your line strength is greater than 30 pounds, just wrap it around three times. This will make a loop between the standing line and the tag end just above the eye.

  • Insert the tag end of the line into the loop just above the eye. This creates a second loop between the tag end and the wrapped portion of the standing line.

  • Bring the tag end back through the second loop and hold it parallel with the standing line above the knot. Hold the hook with your other hand.

  • Wet the knot with your saliva to lubricate it. Pull the knot tight and slide it down against the eye of the hook. Trim the tag end from the knot with scissors about 1/8 inch from the knot. Be careful not to nick the knot when you trim it.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Berkley Trilene knot is very similar and Berkley claims it is superior to the cinch knot. Pass the tag end of the knot through the hook eye twice to make two loops instead of one. After turning the tag end around the standing line, pass it through both loops, then back through the loop between the wrapped standing line and the tag end line.

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