How to Find Out What Explorer Is Being Used on a Computer

Experienced Web site developers often need to deliver the Web site content differently depending on which Web browser the user is using. This is because not all Web browsers render content exactly the same way and some may have bugs for some advanced features you rely on for your Web site experience. Even with the family of the same web browser, such as Internet Explorer, you will want to know which version your visitor is using in case you must make a content delivery adjustment. Javascript offers a way for you discover this information.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to webserver


    • 1

      Create a file called browswerdetect.js in your Web site directory and copy the contents of the file from into this new file. This is the browser detection function example code. Save the file.

    • 2

      Create a new test HTML file to test the script. A quick test is to use your Web browser to view the page source of the Browser Name example description page at .

    • 3

      Save the test html file and ensure the permissions are set correctly on the file for Web usage.

    • 4

      Open a new page on your Web browser and navigate to your test file. You should see some output such as:

      Browser name = Microsoft Internet Explorer

      Full version = 9.0

      Major version = 9

      The output changes depending on which browser and which version is used.

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