How to Let Go of Divorce Anger & Sadness


The divorce rate in America for first-time marriage is 41 percent, and the statistics get worst for second and third marriages. Emotions that surface from divorce include anger, sadness, fear, sorrow, anguish, bitterness, hatred and regret. Prolonged anger and sadness can destroy self-esteem, sometimes leading to depression that can engulf a person's life. The anger and sadness can also lead to bitterness, which can seriously affect any chance of building a future relationship with anyone else. It is therefore important to let go of the anger and sadness associated with divorce so you can move away from the divorce and live a rich and rewarding life.

  • Take time to grief. The last thing you need to do is to deny the feelings of anger and sadness from a divorce. A divorcee must take time to soak in those feelings. Spend a day at home: cry, scream, anything to release those feelings. Talk to a close friend about those feelings if you feel comfortable or write those feeling down. It must be understood that this pain is like a wound that will take time to heal. Avoid alcohol and drugs at this stage.

  • Take time to heal. Time is required to heal all wounds. This cannot happen overnight. Friends and family will generally try to nudge a person back onto normal life. Do not need to be obliged to do what they suggest until you feel you are ready. Healing should be done at your own pace.

  • Seek a mentor. Meet with other people who have experienced the pain of divorce. Such groups can be found in churches and local community centers. Write down helpful information from meetings so you it can be read over again and again. This will help you reinforce how to let go of those feelings of anger and sadness.

  • Pamper yourself. Try taking a vacation, doing your favorite activity or even just go on a nice, long walk. This will give you an opportunity to change to a new environment and remove your mind from your feelings.

  • Be aware of your feelings and anticipate them. Understand that during all these steps, certain feelings of anger, sadness, and confusion can creep in and out. Have a ritual ready to counter the downside of these feelings. Call a friend, take a long shower, walk the dog or read through the notes mentioned in Step 3.


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