How to Evolve Metapod on Pokemon


Many Pokemon players want to have a Butterfree on their team just like Ash Ketchum. A Butterfree is a very useful support Pokemon who learns a vast amount of moves, such as Gust and Supersonic. To get a Butterfree, you must evolve your Metapod, the second stage of the Caterpie. Metapod evolves into a Butterfree at only level 10. Getting your Metapod to level 10 can be difficult, since it most likely knows only the move "Harden."

  • Capture a Metapod in the wild using a Pokeball. You can do this in all Pokemon games except Pokemon Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, XD and Colosseum. Trade from other generation Pokemon games or trade with a friend that has a Metapod if you can't catch one in the wild.

  • Attach an "Exp. Share" to your Metapod. Since your Metapod only knows "Harden," a move that increases defense, it is unable to fend for itself. The Exp. Share will give your Metapod half of the experience points whenever your Pokemon defeats its enemies.

  • Switch your Metapod into battle and switch it out as quickly as possible. Even though your Metapod didn't fight, it will still receive a share of the experience. The Metapod will receive half of the experience if it was holding an Exp. Share.

  • Give your main Pokemon a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg will increase the amount of experience received in battle. If your Metapod is holding a Exp. Share or has been switched in and switched out of battle, it will receive even more experience points than usual.

  • Feed your Metapod rare candies, which you can find in Pokeballs. Find these Pokeballs by paying close attention when you're in new areas. Each rare candy will increase your Metapod's level by one. For example, if your Metapod were level 7, you would feed it three rare candies to make it evolve.

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